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Confidence, responsibility, education, physical activity and strength are what every student will learn.


"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" - Sir Winston Churchill


Introducing your child to horseback riding can be done in many affordable ways.  We offer monthly and family discounts, summer and holiday camps.  We also have a student worker program.  There are enough options for everyone!


I have watched many children choose to come to the barn rather than the mall or a computer screen.  These same children turn into strong, successful men and women.  The time spent with these majestic 4 legged friends is invaluable.  




Louw  Stables offers riding lessons to a variety of ages:



Little Tot's lessons- for children ages 2 through 4- Within these classes we teach the basic fundamentals of riding as well as how to safely be around a horse and build on confidence. 20 minutes.


Private lessons- start at age 5 through adult.  This is the best way to get started or should be used as a second lesson choice per week if you are already involved in group lessons.  Each minute is spent working on the the riders specific needs and focusing on the details of horsemanship. 30 minutes.


Semiprivate Lessons- start at age 5 through adult.  An affordable and great way for families to ride together.  You get the small group attention focusing on individual goals and needs.  30 minutes.  Up to 3 riders.


Group lessons- start at ages 7 through adult.  They are used to further the riders skills and to teach other skills such as passing, advanced guiding exercises, rules of the group and other techniques.  Up to 8 riders.  45 minutes.


On Saturdays all students are welcome to come to the barn and help with chores, brushing horses and other daily activities between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm free of charge.



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